Biscuit and shows

It is about time I update the UK Siamsa Blog!

Last weekend (the 2nd of July 2011) we went to an outdoor show in Echt. I went there together with Henneke and Dorothea, two friends of mine. We had a wonderful and pleasurable day!

This was the third time that I went to a show with Biscuit. And despite of me being very unexperienced and my nervousness, we got a 3 Excellent in Youth Class. And I was very pleased with that! The more because the first show was not that great. That was in Puppy Class. Biscuit was pacing and we got a P (Promising). That was the first hurdle that we had to take, how to get Biscuit to trott. I got some great advice from Anne and since then Biscuit is not pacing anymore when she is on the showlead. The second show was in Oss. And that was not to great either. We had a change of judge and this American Judge (very nice lady) believed that she could not judge Biscuit because Biscuit stepped backwards when the judge wanted to touch her head. I asked again for Anne’s help and advice and she gave me wonderful hints and tips. So, I was quite nervous for this show in Echt! Which is why I was very happy that Biscuit did not have one single problem with being touched by the judge and showing her teeth was like “almost boring mommy”. And the judge was very thorough inspecting her teeth.

I got the following show-report from the judge, Mr. Coppens:

“16 month. Appealing bitch, right size, good head and ear, nice dark eye, scissor bite, good neck, good topline, already a good developed chest. In front sufficient angulations and good angulations in hindquarters. Beautiful coat and spotting. Goes easy and lightly stepping. Very nice presentation”.