German Clubshow in Bedburg

Yesterday Biscuit, Henneke and I went to the (very well organised) German Clubshow in Bedburg. We had to get up at 04:30 hours, but because the clock went over to summertime again, we in fact had to get up at 03:30 hrs! Quite early:-). But it was all worth while. We had a very nice day, the weather was beautiful, the atmosphere was amazing and the people where fantastic! We really enjoyed ourselves. And, Biscuit was placed first in open class (1U)! We got a very nice show report: Continue reading

Biscuit’s birthday, 2 years

Yesterday we celebrated Biscuit’s birthday. We first had a great walk in the forest (like we have every day, but never mind), she then got her favorite food (duckneck, lambmeat, sardines and vegetables. She also got a birthdaycard from her auntie Dorothea, she got presents and of course there was birthday cake! Continue reading

Results Biscuit’s DNA test Coat Colour

Yesterday the results came back from VetGen on the Dalmatian DNA coat colour test. I had the test done because Biscuit could be carrier of the lemon gene. Her mother is carrying it, her mother got it from her father and he got it from his father. It is not a problem at all, but of course quite important to know when you want to breed. Because I was curious, I also had her tested on the liver gene. Well, she is not carrying lemon. But…….. She is also not carrying the liver gene! She is what we call homozygote black! Which means all Biscuit’s baby’s will be black spotted.

Biscuit’s Hipscore results

Today, the 25th of May 2011, we received the official results of Millview’s Bells and Whistles (Biscuit) hipscore test. We are very happy that Biscuit has A hips, so tonight we will celebrate. One step closer to our dream.

Biscuit and shows

It is about time I update the UK Siamsa Blog!

Last weekend (the 2nd of July 2011) we went to an outdoor show in Echt. I went there together with Henneke and Dorothea, two friends of mine. We had a wonderful and pleasurable day!

Continue reading