How Biscuit came to live with us and why Biscuit?

I felt I really want to breed Dalmatians. And therefore I searched for the breeder that my new bitch had to come from. That was in 2008. And I found Kennel Caprilli’s of Stephanie Yates. I really admire the way Stephanie Yates breeds dogs, I love the Caprilli-Millview dogs, I love their type, their fantastic movement and their amazing sweet, happy, outgoing and sensitive temperament. I really wanted a bitch from her kennel. I told Stephanie my plans and after a while, Stephanie decided that I could have a bitch puppy from her next litter.

At that time, Stephanie lived in the UK, and we spoke a lot over the phone and via email. And when she moved to Germany, I went over to meet her and Tegan, Caprilli’s Guardian Angel live! It was amazing! I immediately fell in love with Tegan. She has a lovely soft expression, she has a very sweet temperament, she really is my type and she is a stunner! I felt I wanted a daughter of this beautiful bitch!

Caprilli’s Guardian Angel – Tegan – Biscuit’s beautiful mum:


At that time Stephanie did not know yet who the father of the litter was going to be. And when Stephanie told me that she made her decision to mate Tegan to Carro, I was so exited! Carro is a fantastic cool guy with a very friendly character and he has a very nice pedigree, that really suits Tegan so perfect. Tegan is the daughter of the fabulous Fancy (Jilloc’s Fancy me at Millview) and the fantastic Gregor (Rocca al Mare Congregare). Tegan has quite some dogs in her pedigree from the famous Kennel Dallas, from Ann-Marie Hammarlund. Carro is the son of Olbero Olympic Playa, who is again the son of the famous Dr. Fox by Salsusa and T-Cart made by Love. Carro’s ancestors go back to famous old English lines. English with a nice Scandinavian touch.

Chilli Pepper in Raul – Carro – Biscuit’s daddy:


Stephanie and Tegan on their way to Carro, by plane. As you can see, Tegan is not really impressed, yet:-). Even a trip taken by plane does not bother her at all. She is calm and relaxed as ever.


But then Tegan was impressed and fell in love with Carro. She is pregnant and waiting in her welphing box for the puppies to arrive:


After I waited for two long years for this litter, the litter was born in February 2010. We were over the moon! Tegan became the mother of 12 healthy puppies, 7 bitches and 5 dogs. Look there! There she is, our Biscuit! The little white one:-)!


And of course the puppies are weaned on the BARF diet (which makes me, as the owner of the largest raw dogfood forum of Holland and Belgium – BARFPLAATS – very happy:-)):


And this is their play-ground inside the house:

And this is their play-ground outside the house. Stehanie had the most amazing toys for the puppies:


The ball-play-ground:


Lucy, the Cocker Spaniel, busy educating the puppies:

Biscuit standing nicely with her breeder Stephanie:


When the puppies were 6 weeks old and had their hearing test (all puppies are bilateral hearing, which made us very happy!), Leo and I drove over to Germany to see the puppies and to make a decision on which puppy was going to live with us. It was a 10 hour drive but worth every minute. There were 4 wonderful, beautiful strong healthy puppies that I could choose from. I really prepared myself for a very complicated task. How to pick your puppy from 4 stunning girls?!? Luckily I already had the feeling I knew them quite well and that was because Stephanie sent me mails and pictures and talked to me over the phone almost every day, for 6 weeks. When we arrived, Stephanie showed us the puppies, told us about their temperament, their strong points and their maybe less strong points. We took a good look, we listened carefully and I was studying the puppies thoroughly. I decided that temperament would be my main thing to look for (that was easy to say because all 4 looked great). I wanted a bitch puppy that would fit my pack, would fit my future plans and would fit me. And everytime I looked at Millviews Bells and Whistles something happend to me…. She was so cute! She was playing with her brothers and sisters and she was playing with the grown-up dogs. But she was also very capable of enjoying herself. She responded very calm and relaxed when grannie Tara told her not to play too rough. She really responded very well on the education that grandmother Fancy, auntie Holly and happy Lucy were giving her. And besides that, she made real contact with me. Just like her mother, with her dark, dark eyes she looked right into my soul and touched my heart. I was hopelessly in love! And so Millviews Bells and Whistels became our little Biscuit. We had to be patient though and wait for another two (long) weeks to take her with us.

So, two weeks later, we drove back to Germany, had a lovely weekend with Stephanie, Paul and Phillip, we enjoyed our time in the wonderful puppy-garden/play-ground and drove back with our girl after the weekend. She almost fell asleep immediately and behaved wonderfully on our way back. She was full of confidence that Leo and I would be good to her, I guess. Not only Leo and I fell in love with our new puppy, also Linga was in love the moment she layed eyes on her. She took her new role as Biscuit’s new mother very seriously which was really so sweet and amazing, especially because Linga does not particularly like all puppies. When we arrived back home, Biscuit was finally to meet our old chap Brutus. Also this encounter will stay in my memory for ever! Brutus did not like puppies at all. In fact, he hated puppies. Not that he would ever hurt a puppy, but he did growl at them. But, he saw Biscuit and his good old heart melted. He loved Biscuit. He loved her so much, he even shared his dog basket with her. Together they spend quite some hours sleeping in the same basket. I feel very giften that we had all these incredible moments with him, before he left this earth to go to dog-heaven.

Linga with ‘her’ puppy:

My dearest Brutus with ‘his’ puppy, the love of his life:


I am still incredibly happy with the choice I made for Biscuit. Biscuit has developed into the sweetest little gentle funny girl on this planet. She loves childeren, she loves people, she loves other dogs, big and small, she in fact is fantastic with other dogs. And if you are in a bad mood, one look at Biscuit and your bad mood is gone. She is all I ever dreamed of and more.

And this is how Biscuit came to live with us. Our third generation raw fed dog. She got the best possible start you can think of with an absolute fantastic breeder. She has a superb temperament, a great pedigree, a lovely appearance, and so far she is strong and very, very healthy. We are grateful that Stephanie trusted us with her and we are so proud that she will be the mother of our first litter. Hopefully we can make the new puppy owners as happy with their puppy as Biscuit made us!


Video of the day after I choose little Biscuit :




And this is how Biscuit looks today, 14 months young:


And this is Biscuit now. Two years old: