Siamsa – Dalmatian Dogs

This is the home of Siamsa Dalmatians.

Siamsa is a registered FCI kennel. Siamsa is pronounced shee-am-sah. It’s an Irish word meaning joy and happiness. Exactly the words that fit the character of the Dalmatian. Exactly the feeling that Dalmatians gives us. Siamsa is also one of the most cheerful and colorful dances from the Irish dance show Lord of the Dance, created by Michael Flatley, Irish dancer and choreographer, who I admire since 1991. When I wanted to request a FCI kennelname, I knew right away it had to be Siamsa.

Once in a while we will breed a carefully planned litter.

I am a members of the DCN, the Dutch Dalmatian Club, and we will breed our litters according to their rules.

We feed our dogs raw, fresh food (BARF) and our puppies will be weaned onto the raw diets that our adult dogs thrive on. We would be very happy if the puppies would continue to eat raw, fresh food when they move to their new owner.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Sincerely, Lizzy Plat-Coelers & Leo Plat

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  • Biscuit is pregnant

    Biscuit is pregnant

    On the 10th of Januari, we went to the clinic in Sleeuwijk (specialized in everything arround breeding) for an ultrasound. And yes, they immediately saw puppies! They then first showed us a heartbeat of one of the puppies and that gave Leo and me tears in our eyes. This was such a beautiful wonderful moment! […]...
  • Biscuit meets Jack

    Biscuit meets Jack

    On Tuesday the 11th of December, the veterinary practice Sleeuwijk phoned us to tell us that Biscuit’s ovulation took place (her progesteron level was 7,6 ng/ml). We had her blood tested on the progesteron. So Tuesday night Leo, Biscuit and I took the car and travelled to Gramzow. It was a 12 hour journey, we […]...
  • Biscuit in Season

    Biscuit in Season

    Finally…..! Biscuit is in season. I already saw something yesterday evening and I was for 95% sure, Biscuit is in season. This morning it was 100% clear, Biscuit is in season. On Monday december 3, we will travel to Sleeuwijk to have her progesteron level checked for the first time. Oh my, this is exciting!...