Biscuit is pregnant

On the 10th of Januari, we went to the clinic in Sleeuwijk (specialized in everything arround breeding) for an ultrasound. And yes, they immediately saw puppies! They then first showed us a heartbeat of one of the puppies and that gave Leo and me tears in our eyes. This was such a beautiful wonderful moment! Little hearts, beating in Biscuit’s belly, that is something special! They then tried to count the amount of puppies and they counted a few times and counted 10. So in approx. 4 plus weeks, we expect Biscuit to give birth to approx. 10 puppies. We are over the moon!

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Biscuit meets Jack

On Tuesday the 11th of December, the veterinary practice Sleeuwijk phoned us to tell us that Biscuit’s ovulation took place (her progesteron level was 7,6 ng/ml). We had her blood tested on the progesteron. So Tuesday night Leo, Biscuit and I took the car and travelled to Gramzow. It was a 12 hour journey, we arrived Wednesday late afternoon, but it was worth every minute! Of course I met Jack before, but I was really happy to see him again. He is such a fantastic dog, of such wonderful type and temperament! For Leo it was the first time that he saw Jack in real life so I was really happy that Leo was over the moon with Jack. Biscuit and Jack played on Wednesday afternoon/night, but no mating took place. So we returned the next morning, Biscuit was in so much hurry to get to her ‘prince charming’ and within 2 minutes (after saying “hi, how are you”) a perfect mating took place. On Fridaymorning they mated again and after that we travelled back to Zoetermeer. 

Thank you Petra and Jürgen, for your hospitality, we had three fantastic days!

Biscuit in Season

Finally…..! Biscuit is in season. I already saw something yesterday evening and I was for 95% sure, Biscuit is in season. This morning it was 100% clear, Biscuit is in season. On Monday december 3, we will travel to Sleeuwijk to have her progesteron level checked for the first time. Oh my, this is exciting!

Pinkel left planet earth

Pinkel, October the 5th 1997 – September the 14th 2012

Last Friday at 18:10 hours Leo and I had said goodbye to our little precious sweet girl Pinkel. Pinkel got worse and worse every day and last week it became very obvious that we had to be strong and had to let her go. She left planet earth in a calm way, which is a small consolation…. Continue reading

NCDH Clubshow Arnhem

Yesterday we had the Dutch NCDH Clubshow in Arnhem. The weather was beautiful, the location was perfect, yes, we really had a very nice day. Biscuit got an Excellent in Open Class and a very nice show report from the judge, Mr. Sloot.

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Pedigree puppies

I had some trouble with the pedigree software program that I am using, but I finally managed to publish the puppies pedigree on my website. It can be found at “announcement stud dog” and you can see the pedigree if you click here.

Biscuit in Dortmund

On Saturday the 12 of May, Henneke and I travelled to Dortmund at 04:00 hrs in the morning. Quite early! It was a nice day but for Biscuit and me not very successful. We were not in shape, Biscuit and I. Maybe because I was too nervous? Maybe because I could not concentrate (too tired?)? I don’t know. Anyway, we left the ring with a Very Good. The judge believes Biscuit is a nice bitch but I did not present her well. Well, I believe he is right…..