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Tuesday, the 5th of June 2012.

I finally made the decision on who the father of the Siamsa A litter is going to be!!

From the day Biscuit is born, my brain was occupied with who is going to be the father of the Siamsa A litter:-). Especially the last 1 to 1,5 years, I was quite busy with it, investigated studdogs, meeting a few studdogs and now finally, I have made the decision and I am totally happy with it! I will share the story with you:

On the 29th of April 2012, I went to Germany with my friend Henneke to meet Union Jack vom Gramzower Kloster. I have had contact with Petra and Juergen via email and now it was time to meet Petra, Juergen, Union Jack and Ultima (Jack’s beautiful sister) in real life, since Jack was very high on my list of potential studdogs for Millview’s Bells and Whistles.

When I saw Jack, my first reaction was “Oh my God, this dog is substance in capital letters!”. He has 4 big straight beautiful strong legs with strong, round and compact front and rear feet under a very balanced body. And he is definitely the type that I am looking for! I am very happy with Jack’s movement. His movement is very powerful and very correct. And of course I was very interested in Jack’s temperament. I love sweet, friendly Dalmatians. And Jack fits that description perfectly. Like Biscuit, he is sweet, he is not agressive towards other dogs, he is not a macho type of dog and he loves to please his owners. He is a true gentleman. Jack also loves children, like Biscuit does as well. So, basically it was a very succesful meeting. A few days later I have asked Juergen and Petra whether they would allow me to use Jack for Biscuit and to my great joy, they have given their approval!

So, Union Jack vom Gramzower Kloster will be Biscuit’s fiancee, the father of our puppies!

Pedigree puppies, click here:

The puppies from this litter between Jack and Biscuit do not share any common ancestors in the first 4 generations. The inbreeding coeffcient (COI) measured over 5 generations is 1,51%. Over 10 generations it is 8,3%, well below the 10% that I was aiming for. The Ancestor Loss Coefficient is high, 90,32%, which is great!

Exactly like Biscuit, Jack is in a perfect condition and in perfect health, he has A hips, so does his parents and of course he is BAER tested and is BAER +/+. Jack does have very powerful and healthy movements. Of course I have studied his pedigree and looked at the health and temperament of his ancestors. And from an exterioir point of view : I think that Jack and Biscuit fit beautifully together. Jack is of splendid type. He has a beautiful front, he is well angulated in front, he has perfect elbows, a very strong and powerful back, very strong and well angulated hindquarters. He is massive. But not overdone anywhere. He has beautiful dark eyes and a very sweet expression.

So……… When Biscuit goes into season, (probably in the end of 2012), we will drive over to Germany to Union Jack vom Gramzower Kloster. It is an 8 hour drive (but with our car, probably 10 :-)). And if Biscuit likes Jack, we hope to welcome our litter 9 weeks after! If you are interested in this litter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Some pictures of Jack and his ancestors
Union Jack vom Gramzower Kloster:

Union Jack vom Gramzower Kloster:

Jack’s father, Perdita’s Right on Time:

Jack’s mother, Suze vom Gramzower Kloster:

Jack’s grandfather, Perdita’s Counterstrike:

Jack’s grandmother, Perdita’s Dotty Design:

Jack’s grandfather, Dalming Hocus Pocus:

Jack’s grandmother, Penelope vom Gramzower Kloster: