Biscuit have met her fiancé on December the 13th 2012. A perfect mating took place. To read more about Biscuit, you can click here. To find out more about Biscuit’s fiancé Union Jack vom Gramzower Kloster, you can click here.We hope that our puppies will arrive in February 2013.


Because Biscuit is homozygous black, all the puppies will be black spotted.

Our first and highest priority for breeding Dalmatians is to breed dogs that are mentally and physically healthy. But, we for sure do not forget that we breed Dalmatians, which means that we want to breed puppies as close to the breeding standard as possible and we want to breed puppies from the right type. The best quarentee to reach this goal starts with the parents of the puppies. We believe that Biscuit has a very sweet, friendly and happy temperament. Also Jack has a very friendly, stable temperament and he has a great ‘will to please’. Both dogs are in very good health. And both dogs are of excellent type. We believe that Jack and Biscuit complement each other very well in both temperament and appearance. Also from a pedigree-point-of-view they suit each other very well. As I’ve described in “announcement studdog“, this combination calculates a very responsible inbreeding coefficient.

Besides the parents being of great importance for mentally and physically healthy puppies, the breeder has a great influence on the pups too. And therefore we will surround our puppies with all the love and attention they need for 8 weeks, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We will give our utmost to provide our puppies with the best possible start. And that all starts with the very best care of the mother of the litter. Biscuit herself is a 3rd generation raw, freshly fed dog. During the pregnancy (of course throughout her life!) she gets the best possible care. She is fed a raw, fresh diet, she is not chemically dewormed (3 times a year, her stools are checked for the presence of worms, carried out by the Veterinary parasitological Laboratory ‘Het Woud’), we vaccinate her with care, we use no chemical pesticides against worms, fleas and ticks and also do not use any chemicals in and around the house. We give her plenty of walks and she gets all the attention she needs.

Our Siamsa puppies will be 4th generation raw fed dogs and we are so proud of that!! By weaning the puppies on a raw, fresh diet, we create again the best foundation for a good health.

At the age of 6 weeks the pups will also receive their first vaccination.
Not simultaneously with the (BAER) hearing test (which is also at the age of 6 weeks) because we believe that vaccinating simultaneously with an anesthetic is too much of a burden for the puppies. In consultation with the prospective puppy owners, we may also perform a titer-test.

Between 6 and 7 weeks, the puppies will be microchipped and we will go to Maarten Kappen in Eersel for the BAER hearing test. Also somebody from the Dutch Dalmatian Club (NCDH) will visit the litter, to check everything is OK. And after the hearing test, the puppies will be matched with their new owner.

Of course the puppies will grow-up in our living room. And they will be carefully socialised.

At the age of 8 weeks, the puppies are old enough to move to their new owner. And although the puppy is now owned by the new owner, it will always stay in our hearts. Which is why we will always be available for the new owners for support, advice and counseling. And this is what you can expect from us.

We also have our expectations towards the new owners of the Siamsa puppy. Because we feel very responsible for the welfare of the dogs bred by us, we would like to stay in touch with the new owners. We would occasionally like to know how the dog is doing doing! We wish the very best for our carefully bred Siamsa puppies, which is why we are looking for loving homes, where the dog gets the love, attention, energy and time it deserves, for his entire life.