Biscuit meets Jack

On Tuesday the 11th of December, the veterinary practice Sleeuwijk phoned us to tell us that Biscuit’s ovulation took place (her progesteron level was 7,6 ng/ml). We had her blood tested on the progesteron. So Tuesday night Leo, Biscuit and I took the car and travelled to Gramzow. It was a 12 hour journey, we arrived Wednesday late afternoon, but it was worth every minute! Of course I met Jack before, but I was really happy to see him again. He is such a fantastic dog, of such wonderful type and temperament! For Leo it was the first time that he saw Jack in real life so I was really happy that Leo was over the moon with Jack. Biscuit and Jack played on Wednesday afternoon/night, but no mating took place. So we returned the next morning, Biscuit was in so much hurry to get to her ‘prince charming’ and within 2 minutes (after saying “hi, how are you”) a perfect mating took place. On Fridaymorning they mated again and after that we travelled back to Zoetermeer. 

Thank you Petra and Jürgen, for your hospitality, we had three fantastic days!